• June 12, 2021

How to beat the sun in your backyard

SUN TAIWAN, China—A new Chinese study claims to have figured out how to beat a hot sun with your home garden. 

The team from Jiangsu Polytechnic University in Jiangsu has been able to control the amount of sunlight reaching the house from the outside using a system called “solar heating,” the university announced.

The study found that using solar heating can be as simple as adding a window shade to a window, and it was even possible to do it from the garage, the team reported. 

“In the future, we will use this concept to produce solar-powered solar panels for the whole city,” said a team member from the school. 

But it was the research that made headlines in China, with many people saying the solar-generated heat could be a major threat to people’s health and the environment. 

In fact, the research was published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology Letters, and has been described as a breakthrough in the field.

“In China, we can’t control the temperature of the air from the roof or from the windows,” the study’s lead author from Jiangson University, Liu Jiyuan, said.

“There are some studies that suggest that using natural solar heating for solar-controlled air heating can actually have a negative effect on people’s mental health and affect their mental health.”

The researchers found that the amount that sunlight reaching a house could be controlled from the inside was dependent on the location of the solar panel. 

When the roof was directly overhead, the sun’s rays could reach the house.

But when the panels were set in the ground or on a wall, they could reach inside the house directly, making the system more efficient at cooling the house, the paper said.

Solar heating is a way of harnessing the sun energy from the Earth’s magnetic field to produce electricity, but it has some serious limitations, such as it doesn’t allow for solar panels to reach high places in the house like windows or roofs. 

Liu said he and his colleagues wanted to address this limitation by creating a solar-driven heating system that allowed sunlight to reach the entire house. 

He said that by using solar panels on top of the existing heating system, they were able to create a new, more efficient, and environmentally friendly way of cooling the home. 

To do this, the researchers had to take advantage of a feature of the Earth called the Earth Magnetic Field.

That magnetic field, when it is at its strongest, is in the north-south direction, and when it weakens, it tends to move south and west.

So, the system had to be located in the northern hemisphere. 

One way to do that is to have a wall of solar panels that is connected to the earth.

That way, sunlight can reach the panels from the air, and they can be connected directly to the ground. 

They also used a process called “inversion” to increase the amount the solar panels could reach from the ground, Liu said.

The idea was to make the system be as efficient as possible, so that it was less susceptible to solar storms. 

Solar heating has already been shown to have beneficial effects on the environment in the United States, as it can reduce pollution, and the team wanted to show that it could also be effective for reducing air pollution. 

Their results were impressive, and Liu said they are confident that solar heating will be a viable option for cities around the world. 

And for now, it’s not yet clear if this technology will become a major energy source in the future. 

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