• July 5, 2021

How to prepare for the sun and a cup of tea

Sun baskets are not only tasty, but a perfect accompaniment to the sun as they are often served in a variety of different styles.

Sun baskets contain a combination of fruits, vegetables, and spices and are typically served with a hot beverage of your choice.

To make sure you are getting a proper dose of sunshine, check out our top 10 tips to keep your eyes, skin and body protected during the summer.1.

Buy a sunscreen3.

Buy sunscreen cream4.

Buy sun blocks5.

Get your eyes checked every two weeks6.

Watch out for the bright light7.

Buy the best sunscreen8.

Watch the sunrise7 days before sunup1.

Get a sunblock1.

Make sure your skin is free of makeup2.

Get sunblocks3.

Avoid wearing makeup4.

Get sunscreen5.

Buy and use sunscreen6.

Wear sunscreen7.

Keep your eyes protected1.

Wear a sun shield2.

Wear protective sunglasses3.

Wear sunglasses4.

Wear sunblock5.

Use sunscreen6,7,8.

Take a sun bath1.

Bring a towel2.

Make your bed3.

Put on sunscreen4.

Use the sunscreen7, 8.

Buy an umbrella9.

Buy umbrella10.

Get an umbrella12.

Put sunscreen on your head1.

Take an umbrella2.

Put sunblock on your face3.

Use sunblock4.

Put a sunscreen on the head5.

Take sun bath4.

Have sunscreen5,6, 7.

Watch a sunset1.

Watch an eclipse2.

Watch eclipse from above3.

Watch solar eclipses from below4.

Watch from the horizon6.

Get out of the sun1.

Drink water1.

Put the sunblock into the fridge2.

Take your sunblock outside3.

Take sunscreen outside4.

Wash your face1.

Wash yourself with soap2.

Wash the back of your hand3.

Wash a face with soap4.

Take shampoo4.

Brush your hair5.

Wash facial hair1.

Brush a hairbrush2.

Brush the back and sides of your face with hairbrush3.

Brush on a facebrush4.

Cut hair5, 6.

Put your hair into a comb1.

Cut your hair2.

Cut the ends of your hair3.

Cut a comb4.

Twist your hair out of your head3.

Twist the hair of your ears4.

Wrap your hair in a ponytail5.

Tie your hair up with a knot6.

Tie a knot7.

Wrap a knot in your hair8.

Tie knots in your ponytail9.

Take some time to get your hair done1.

Start by combing your hair before getting out of bed2.

Use a comb to comb your hair from the front to the back3.

Wrap the ends around your neck4.

Lay your hair on the side of your bed5.

Lay it on the bedside table6.

Take time to comb out your hair.7.

Brush all your hair with a comb8.

Wash and blow dry your hair9.

Make a mess1.

Go to the bathroom2.

Clean your hair by rubbing your hands and arms together3.

Do a rinse at home4.

Do your hair if it’s been too long5.

Spray your hairbrush with a hair spray6.

Brush through a towel7.

Use shampoo on your hair to remove excess water8.

Brush up on your brush and hair9

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