• July 7, 2021

Why do birds make suns?

We all know it’s cold and rainy when it comes to winter skies, but what happens when birds can’t keep their feet warm in the summer?

Suns can be a good way to help them feel cool and stay warm, but it can also lead to some serious problems if the sun is too hot or if the birds are too lazy to eat their meal. 

Suns are the main source of energy for birds and they’re also essential for plants and animals.

Suns are so important to their survival that they’re sometimes called “the most important element of the solar system.”

Suns help plants and insects thrive in warmer climates.

But there are other ways to help birds thrive as well. 

The sun helps plants get sunlight by reflecting heat away from the sun, creating an atmosphere that traps heat.

But the sun doesn’t have to do all of the work to keep the air and water in balance.

Plants can get their energy from other sources, including sun-seeking animals, which can help keep the sun cool and provide shelter from the elements. 

There are some birds that use the sun for their own survival.

Some species of geese and ducks make the sun a daily companion.

But for others, sunning is just a means to an end. 

Birding on the other hand, is something we all do.

We see some amazing birds at our local park and we’re always fascinated to see what else they do. 

One of our favorite birding spots is a small park just north of Vancouver, Canada.

It’s called North Cascades National Park, and it’s a beautiful place to bird in the winter. 

In the winter, the snow can melt and fill up with water, which makes the snow flake and fall away from you. 

If you can’t get enough of that, you can always walk your dog and take pictures in the park. 

As the season heats up and the sun begins to set, the sun can be as bright as the sun.

And if the water is warm enough, you might even see some ducks and geese swimming through the water, making the snow even flakeier. 

We’ve featured some of our favourite birding experiences below.

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