• July 11, 2021

When is the best time to visit the Middle East?

When you’re planning your trip to the Middle Eastern countries, here are some of the most important dates to be aware of: – April 15: Jerusalem’s holy day of Ashura, marking the day the Jewish people conquered Egypt, as well as the Islamic Caliphate, and Islam’s inception – April 17: Ashura is also a major pilgrimage holiday in Israel and the Jewish state, marking Ashura as the Jewish religious festival and the day of mourning for the Prophet Muhammad.

– April 19: The Jewish festival of Passover, which celebrates the redemption of Israel from the Babylonian captivity and commemorates the return of the Jewish tribes after being conquered by the Romans, is a time to be on the lookout for food, wine, and other delicacies – April 20: A day for mourning for Abraham, the father of the Bible’s Abraham and the founding father of Christianity, is the holiest time of the year for Jews in the Middle Kingdom, with the annual Passover Passover festival celebrated as a national holiday – April 22: During the Jewish Festival of Tabernacles, Muslims mark the Day of Atonement, which is the day that Jesus Christ died and was buried in the ground for his sins, and commemorating his resurrection from the dead.

– May 5: The day of Passovers is the longest of the week, ending with a feast of bread and wine on the eve of the Feast of Taberuah, which marks the day Jews commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave, with many people visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to pray for the return.

– June 6: The date of the festival of Tisha B’Av and the Feast Tisha is a holy day for Muslims and Christians in the region, and is the beginning of Ramadan, the fasting period that lasts for 24 hours, with Muslim fast-breakers participating in various rituals around the region.

– July 6: A time to remember the Jewish sacrifices, which were taken in the biblical Temple in Jerusalem to be buried in an unmarked grave, and the importance of the sacrifices during the Babylonians siege, are celebrated as well.

– September 1: The holy day commemorates Jesus’ resurrection from his tomb and the restoration of the Holy Land to Judaism, with Christians and Jews holding different celebrations around the world – September 2: The Feast of Ashur, or the Day to Return, is celebrated during the Jewish month of Passov, the holiest month in the Jewish calendar, and marks the beginning the Jewish festival that commemorates Abraham’s return to the Holy of Holies in Jerusalem after the Battle of Nineveh.

– October 5: This is the start of the holiday of Yom Kippur, the holiday commemorating the return and resurrection of the first Jewish Temple, and celebrating the celebration of the Torah’s completion in Jerusalem, with Jewish fast-breakers participating in ceremonies around the Holy City.

– November 1: This holiday marks the date that Muslims commemorate the first day of their Muslim holy month of Ramadan by fasting for three consecutive days and fasting until sunset.

– December 6: This festival is celebrated in many Muslim countries around the globe.

– January 7: The holiday commemorates Israel’s victory over the Persian army during the Battle for Jerusalem, and celebrates the anniversary of the conquest of Jerusalem.

– February 1: Jewish people commemorate Passover on the Jewish holy day in Jerusalem by fasting, which occurs on the first Saturday of each month, and in the Muslim holy day, which falls on the second Saturday of the month.

The feast of Tabercus is also celebrated in Jewish and Muslim countries.

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