• July 17, 2021

What does the sun have to do with ‘the masked singer’?

By James Garton AshFor a while, the sun was an oddity on the calendar.

It was an event that had no clear meaning for most people and for some, its presence was considered a sign of impending doom.

But the sun is now one of the defining symbols of the 20th century.

It’s an event whose significance can be traced back centuries, and its relevance in the 21st century is even more profound.

As the sun rises in the west across the Pacific, the Pacific Ocean is in a position of extreme stress, with a series of storms in the region and a number of major storms that are threatening to cause major coastal flooding.

This year, the Atlantic Ocean has been hit by a number a major storms, with Hurricane Jose in the Caribbean, Tropical Storm Jonas and Hurricane Wilma all threatening to bring heavy rainfall to the region.

The Pacific has also been hit hard by Tropical Storms in 2017, with Wilma being the strongest storm to hit the region this year.

As of Monday, the strongest winds were recorded in the western Pacific, with Typhoon Phanfone bringing sustained winds of up to 190km/h (125mph) in the central Pacific.

A record-breaking storm, Phanfy, has also made landfall in the Philippines, causing major damage.

But unlike a previous storm, this time Phanfi will be hitting the Pacific.

On Monday, as Phanfa arrived on the Pacific Coast of the Philippines from the north, it was a different story.

Instead of a storm, it had a storm.

In the Philippines this year, Typhoon Phangfon, is a category 3 cyclone with sustained winds up to 195km/hr (124mph).

That’s equivalent to the winds recorded by the Atlantic in 2017.

“This year’s storms are more powerful than any of the previous storms,” explained James Garson Ash, a professor of geography at the University of Washington.

This, combined with a strong cyclone season, is causing some scientists to believe that the Philippines is in for a strong winter, with temperatures dipping into the mid-40s in some parts of the country.

“If we go with a high season, then you have a lot of precipitation and you’ll get a lot more snow and snowpack,” Professor Ash said.

The fact that the storms are so strong, coupled with a very warm winter, means that the chances of a prolonged drought are even higher than expected, Professor Ash added.

As a result, the chance of a major drought is now around 50 per cent, which would make it the third-highest year on record.

This is also partly due to the Pacific getting hit by an El Niño event, which causes water temperatures to rise in the tropical Pacific Ocean.

As El Niño conditions warm, there are more extreme conditions, and as the sea level rises, so do the tides, causing storms to develop.

“El Niño is the reason we have these very extreme events and these extreme temperatures,” Professor Garson said.

This month, the temperature has risen by almost 2 degrees Celsius (3.7 degrees Fahrenheit) in just one day in the Pacific in January, according to the National Weather Service.

The reason for the extreme conditions is likely due to a warming of the tropical ocean, which is causing the water to become warmer, which means the waters are able to expand.

As this water expands, it causes the sea to expand, creating a stronger current, which makes the waters rise.

“That’s a good sign that the ocean is going to become a little bit warmer,” Professor James Gascoyne said.

“It’s also one of those conditions that are associated with increased storm activity, so if that’s the case, then we could see an increase in the number of storms.”

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