• July 20, 2021

Sun-Bum Sunscreen: The Truth Behind the Scary Claims

Sun-bums are the latest hot trend in sunscreen: the perfect sun-blocker.

While they’re great for protecting you from UV rays, they’re also deadly for your skin and can cause irritation, acne and skin damage.

Here’s why they’re not the best sun-blocking product for your face.


They’re toxic for skin When sunscreens claim to protect your skin from sunburn, they often do so by acting as sunscreen in the form of an active ingredient that reacts with your skin’s surface oils.

But while this “active ingredient” is technically “natural” in nature, it’s also a chemical concoction made up of several components: benzoyl peroxide (BPA), a synthetic form of bisphenol A (BPE), and glycolic acid (GAG), an alkali derivative of the vegetable glycerin.

When these ingredients react, they can release chemicals that cause the skin to become more sensitive to sunlight.

This is called photoaging and can be a health risk, since it can increase the risk of skin cancer.

In fact, in one study, people who had sunburn on their face reported that they had a higher incidence of skin cancers.

As a result, there are studies suggesting that sunscreen can actually cause skin cancer, even when it claims to protect the skin.


They can cause acne In fact androgenic alopecia is the name given to the condition that occurs when the body becomes too sensitive to testosterone (the primary male sex hormone).

This is why sun-bum sunscreen can cause skin irritation and cause acne, according to dermatologists and skin specialists.

They say that the chemical reactions between the ingredients and your skin can cause chemical changes that can increase your risk of developing acne, a potentially fatal condition.


They irritate your skin The chemicals in sun-bums are not the only irritants in the product.

Some sun-candy, sunscreen and sun-cream contain a form of a compound called triclosan that can irritate and trigger acne.

In some cases, this can cause the acne to go away entirely, or at least temporarily, according the Skin Cancer Foundation.

The FDA has also found that the compounds found in sunscream and sunscreen are known to irritate the skin, which can lead to breakouts.

Some researchers even claim that these chemicals can irritates your pores, leading to dryness and inflammation.


They cause dry skin The sun-trucks contain a mixture of chemicals called emollients that moisturize the skin and help it to shed moisture.

However, the chemicals in these products can irrituate your skin, so they should be avoided if possible.

In addition, these ingredients can cause dryness on your skin due to their lack of water-holding capacity.


They are more likely to cause breakouts These sun-scream-containing sun-caps are made of a combination of ingredients, including benzoylsperoxide, a synthetic version of bp.

And while some people claim that sun-bath sun-blocks contain a chemical called trisodium EDTA (TSA), a more common chemical in sunscreen, the FDA has found that this chemical can irritated and trigger breakouts on your face, even if it claims that it’s UV-blocking.

It’s worth noting that the FDA also found this chemical to be less irritant than benzoyllactone and triclocarban, which are commonly used in sun block.


They contain ingredients that are not effective at preventing sunburn and acne A few sun-bathing sun-pumps and sun cream are also made of an oil that’s made up mostly of synthetic surfactants that mimic the natural oils on your body.

These synthetic ingredients have been shown to irritates and irritate skin, leading the FDA to issue a warning that they may be “unnecessary or inappropriate for the prevention of sunburn.”

However, many sun-mask manufacturers have said that their products are effective in preventing and treating sunburn.


They may be more expensive Some sunblocks are also available in two different versions: the “natural-like” version, and the “sun-reflecting” version.

Natural-like sun-shields are typically priced at around $1 a month.

However: some sunblock companies also sell “sunblock” sun-soaps for about $10 a month, while sunblock “reflective” sunscanners can be had for about half that.


They have no sunscreen active ingredients Most sunblock and sunscreen companies have claimed that they can contain active ingredients, but in reality, most sunblocks contain either a chemical that can be absorbed by the skin or a chemical made from the skin that’s already in your body (which is why some sun-protection products may claim to contain sunscreen active materials).

So it’s not always clear whether a sunscreen

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