• July 23, 2021

Why does the sun shine?

Posted February 11, 2018 05:18:51 This is the sun, the most important of all stars, and it’s been shining for a long time.

But why does it do this?

And what is it really like?

These are some of the questions being asked as people from all over the world attempt to understand the amazing phenomenon.

The sun is not the only star in the night sky.

It is not even the brightest one.

Instead, the sun is the closest star to the earth.

The Sun is the only light source that can be seen from the Earth.

And yet it is only the brightest, the only object that can emit visible light.

The Earth is not a perfect sphere, but it is a perfect spherical Earth, as you can see in this picture.

The light from the sun can reach the earth’s surface from all directions.

It also provides energy for the Sun’s nuclear reactions, which creates energy for our planet.

It takes a lot of energy to make up the mass of the Sun, so its mass is constantly changing.

But the Sun doesn’t just get brighter and brighter.

The planets orbit around it and change their orbits as well.

There is also some light pollution.

When the Sun is out, the planets in the Solar System are dark, like when the Sun was dark and we were watching the Moon.

When it is out there, the stars in the system look like stars in a clear sky, because the stars can shine as brightly as the Sun does.

But what is this dark sky, anyway?

The Sun shines so bright that it makes you feel like you’re right there with it, like you are standing on the edge of it.

The way that the light that hits the Earth and hits the Sun actually makes you shine depends on where the light is coming from.

For the Earth, the Sun comes from the outer edge of the Solar system, the hot, dense outer solar system, and is bright enough to be visible in the daytime.

The other way the Sun shines is when it is at its furthest distance from the Sun.

This is when the stars are the most distant, so the Sun has the most energy and can radiate much more light than it can when it’s farther from the center of the solar system.

The bright stars can also be seen in this image of the night side of the Earth as well as the moon.

When we see the light of the sun and other stars in this way, we are actually seeing something that is very close to us.

The distance between the Earth’s center and the sun’s center is about 13.8 million miles.

If we looked at the sun from this distance, we would see it as a very bright point.

The brightest star in our sky is the Sun itself, which is about 4 million miles from Earth, in the constellation of Virgo.

It’s called the Great Red Spot, because it’s the brightest spot in the sky.

The Great Red is one of the brightest stars in our solar system and is a red giant, meaning it’s over 500 times the mass that our sun is.

The brighter the star, the more massive it is.

It means the star is a star that has reached the end of its life.

As a result, the Great White Spot, which looks like a dark spot in our night sky, is actually a young star that’s still burning for energy.

That’s why the stars we see at night are also called supernovae.

Supernovae are a type of exploding star explosion.

When they explode, the light they produce will explode outward, as a giant, powerful, and hot object, which in turn will send out an enormous shock wave.

We’re watching a supernova now, but the Great Yellow Spot is just one of many supernovas that will occur over the next few years.

We also are seeing a lot more supernovics in the future.

Astronomers think that this will make the Sun brighter and give us a better view of it in the distant future.

Another type of supernova is the supernova remnant, or SNR, which means that there is a remnant that was a very massive, hot star.

This remnant is now being slowly turned into a supermassive black hole.

The Supernova Remnant is the remnant of a superstar exploding.

When a star is young, the energy of its explosion is released as a huge blast of energy.

But as a super-massive black-hole, it is the most massive, powerful star that ever lived.

The remnant of the super-nova remnant is a massive black hole in the center.

Its name comes from how massive it actually is.

When an explosion is powerful enough, the remnant collapses into a black hole and begins to explode.

It can take thousands of years to explode to the size of the Milky Way.

But this supernova, which exploded about two million years ago, is only about two percent of

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