• August 5, 2021

How to celebrate the sun: Make a sun dial

Sun dials have been a thing for more than 200 years.

But the technology is getting more popular.

We’ve got a few tips on how to make a sun phone.

Read moreIn 1864, the first patent on a sun ring was granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

But it wasn’t until 1890 that the first real sun dials were manufactured.

That’s when Henry Bell of the Bell Telephone Company patented the first “solar dial.”

In 1893, the National Association of Manufacturers began marketing a solar dial to the public.

By 1919, a patent was granted for the first sun dial, and by 1927, the sun dial was the most common type of dial in the US.

The Sun Dial in 1921The sun dial is still a popular accessory today, and many have their own variants.

These include sun ring and sun dialed telephone.

We like to think of the sun-dialed telephone as the “first phone” and the sun ring as the more modern variant.

Here are some tips on making the best of your sun dial:Have a solar clock face or clock with a clock inside to show the timeYou can get a clock with the sun’s face or a sun clock.

Some sun dial watches also have a sun timer.

Make a solar phone dial out of a piece of cloth, or fabric, like a fabric watch.

The cloth is placed in a clock face, and the cloth can be used as a clock.

Take a few pictures of your sunset.

Place your sun-date and sun-day on the cloth and then place your sun phone on top.

Have a friend or family member watch the clock while you do the sun clock part.

Have fun making it look like you’re actually watching the sun!

Check the dial for the correct dateYou can check the date on your sun set phone with a sun date.

It can be done by making the sun phone dial and placing it in the clock face.

You can also make your own date.

Use the sun date for your calendar or any other calendar, and then write the date in the sun cell or on the dial.

The sun cell is the smallest part of the dial and can hold only one date.

To check the correct sun date, use a calculator or your phone.

You will need a scale to measure the distance between your sun cell and the correct number.

For a more in-depth look at sun dialing, read our Sun Dialing 101 article.

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