• August 5, 2021

Sun Microsystems announces new sun-powered solar boat for boats and kayaks

Sun MicroSystems is announcing a new solar boat powered by solar energy and a new sun microsystem that’s designed to be lighter, faster and more versatile than existing models.

Sun MicroTech says the new solar kayak is built on a new design platform that “offers unparalleled durability and performance while offering an entirely new experience to the water sports enthusiast.”

The new boat will be available for $5,800 (roughly $100,000 for the standard version), which is less than the $8,500 price of the boat the company debuted in 2013.

The Sun Kayak is made with a solar panel, which makes it the first solar kayaks that actually use solar power.

It will have a range of speeds from 4 to 30 feet (1.4 to 2.6 meters) and a range in power from 6 watts to 30 watts.

Sun Kayaks are also compatible with the Solar Energy System.

The new Sun MicroKayak will also have a battery, a rechargeable battery that can last up to 15 days on a charge.

The new Sun Kayaking features a “lightning rod” design for maximum stability and control.

Sun says the Lightning Rod is “the ideal solution to ensure a safe ride and reduce the risk of serious injuries and property damage.”

The company says the design can also reduce the energy needed for the kayak and the boat’s power needs.

The boat will have an electric motor with two propellers, which can go either horizontally or vertically, as well as two batteries that are “powered from the battery compartment, or battery-only.”

Sun says this is “more efficient than conventional systems,” but doesn’t offer a more detailed breakdown of the design.

Sun says the Sun Kayaker can be used for all water sports, including canoeing, sailing, kayaking, and even snowboarding.

It is also compatible for a wide range of water sports including kayaking on the water and on the ice, as long as the kayaks are connected to the same power system.

Sun is not releasing specs on what the range of speed the kayaker can achieve, but says the kayakers “will travel up to 20 feet (6 meters), and up to 25 feet (8 meters) on land and can be driven up to 60 feet (19 meters) at a time.”

Sun says this new design allows the kayaking experience to be “more dynamic” and “more fun than ever before,” which makes this boat ideal for a lot of water activities, like boating, kayakboarding, and ice-skating.

Sun Kayak’s boat will debut on the Sun Micro Systems Aquarium at the Sun Aquarium in San Francisco, California on April 10.

The Aquarium’s website describes the Aquarium as a place where “people come to explore the ocean’s wonders and experience the wonders of nature.”

The Aquaria is located near San Francisco International Airport.

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