• August 16, 2021

How to get the fastest times on your favourite pokemon?

I was watching the live stream of my favorite pokemon game and noticed something strange.

The speed of the game was getting slower.

I was playing on the best settings I could find and was actually starting to get a little frustrated.

I could not make it to the next level of speed but I was still able to catch more than 80% of my catch.

So I decided to go for the fastest time possible.

I didn’t want to give up a single level, so I chose the fastest possible speed on a new planet I had created.

It is called the Sun Fish planet.

Sun Fish is an ancient, ancient planet with ancient, prehistoric creatures living on its surface.

You will find them in the game and they are very hard to defeat. 

You will also find them on some islands in the Sunfish world.

These islands are also home to a new Pokemon, the Sun Dial.

 Sun Dial is the Pokemon that uses a special ability.

When it uses its power, it will show a screen with a picture of the Pokemon.

On the Sun fish planet, the picture of my Sun Dial will be on the screen in the center of the screen.

My Sun Dial is fast.

It will catch more pokemon in a certain amount of time, and it will also be able to change the speed of its power.

Now, I will show you how to make your Sun Dial faster by making a Sun Fish world.

What you need to do: 1.

Create a new Sun Fish Planet.

You can create a Sun fish world by choosing the Sun dial from the game. 


In the “POKEMON WORLD” menu, click on “New”.


Click on the “Planet” icon at the bottom of the window.


Make sure that “POWER” is checked.


Click the “Save Changes” button.


Click “Save”.


Click save.


After making a new world, you will be able go to the “World” tab of the Sun Fishing screen.

If you click on the Sun fishing menu, you can see the Sun species, Sun Dial, and the amount of energy used.

The Sun Fish World Now that you have created a Sun Fishing world, it is time to make sure you have a Sun Dial that is faster.

You can make one by clicking on the icon that looks like a clock.

The Sun Dial has three hands and it can use two of them at once.

If you click the icon, you’ll see a screen.

Tap on the button on the right hand of the icon to see how much energy the Sun has.

Tap on the clock icon to check the time.

To make it faster, you need two hands.

In the same screen, tap on the three fingers on the left hand and press the “Start” button to make it a faster speed.

How to make the Sun’s dial faster: 1.

When the speed is set to “Ultra”, you will see the “Speed” icon. 

Tap the icon on the top left hand of “Ultra” to see the speed that is being used. 


In this screen, the “Maximum” and “Minimum” options are grayed out.

Note: If you have not made a Sun dial faster than “Ultra,” you can check the “Max” and the “Minimum Speed” to make a Sun-dial that is at the same speed as the current speed. 


Tap the icon in the bottom right hand and hit the “OK” button (it will pop up a message window). 


The icon that is showing the “Min” speed in the top right hand is not a clock, it’s the “Date”. 

Tap on it to see its date.

After tapping the date, you should see a message that says “It was created on the 7th of July”.

6: Go to “PATCHES” and choose “FISHING” in the menu.

7: Click on “TARGET” to open a new window.

In here, you see the current locations of all the Poke Balls in the world.

You may need to click on different places if you are only looking at one Poke Ball or if you have many Poke Balls. 

8: Go back to “TUNNEL” and click on one of the Poke Ball locations.

9: Now, click “EXPLORE” to get to the Poke Egg Screen.

10: Go up to the bottom left hand side of the egg screen and click “PLACE”.

11: Now you can select an Egg from the menu and click it. 12: You will see a window like this.

Tap to view the Pokemon you have caught.

13: You can now watch the animation of

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