• August 23, 2021


In a story that will resonate for generations to come, the Sun Shade sail will be the most photographed and photographed-on-the-moon ship in history.

As a reminder, the previous record holder was the USS Enterprise.

As you know, the Enterprise went on to be the first spacecraft to leave Earth orbit.

So we’re looking forward to it sailing off into the sunset on its maiden voyage.

The sun-shade sail, as its called, will be powered by the sun’s heat and will be able to keep its speed well above the speed of light.

Its goal is to make a record for the longest solar sail in history, which is currently held by the USS Voyager.

The Sun Shade will be built by AstraZeneca in Newport News, Virginia.

The sail’s design and construction will be carried out by Astrea Zeneca, a subsidiary of Astra Zeneca that is based in Italy.

The vessel will have a total length of 7,200 feet (2,700 meters), with a top speed of 758 mph (1,069 km/h), and will have an endurance of 6,400 hours.

The ship will be named the USS Sun Shade after the sun itself, as in the word “Sun” is derived from the Latin word suna.

It will be launched in 2024 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The design of the Sun Shade is inspired by the Sun and Moon, as well as other stars, including the Sun, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Uranus-Hermannus.

The shape of the sail is inspired from the shape of a sailboat and its propulsion system.

The solar sail will have the ability to generate enough electricity to power a car or other device for more than 30 hours.

This will be achieved by using two high-efficiency photovoltaic cells, each of which has a total lifetime of up to 100 years, according to the manufacturer.

A large solar panel on the side of the ship will generate a solar energy for the solar sails, which are built with materials that can withstand temperatures of -110 degrees Fahrenheit (-54 degrees Celsius).

Each solar sail is expected to last up to 12 years, the manufacturer says.

In addition to the ship’s design, the ship is built using AstraZeneca’s technology to produce the solar sail’s propulsion system, as the solar propulsion system will be manufactured by Astronautics and will help reduce costs of manufacturing and distributing solar sails.

In terms of technology, the Solar Sail is the first solar sail to be powered from the sun.

In its first voyage in 2024, the sail will make the journey to the sun at an altitude of 10,000 feet (3,000 meters).

The solar sails will be made from glass and aluminum composite materials, according the manufacturer’s website.

The sails are made of a high-strength aluminum composite that is flexible and strong enough to withstand the temperatures of the sun, according AstraFenix.

The company’s new sail will come with two solar panels.

The first panel will be connected to a solar sail that is being launched at a speed of 750 mph (2.7 km/hr), and the second will be attached to a new solar sail.

The Astra-Zeneca sail will provide a much higher-power solar sail than previous designs.

The higher power of the solar wind is what enables the sail to produce so much power at such a high speed.

The Solar Sail, however, is not the only technology in the Astra Zensac design.

The firm also designed a sail for the USS Arizona, which will be christened the USS Phoenix.

The Arizona, a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier, is also expected to sail on its first solar sailing voyage in 2018.

In 2018, Astra Fenix also unveiled a new sail designed to sail aboard the USS USS George Washington, which has been named the Astrapulse.

The new sail, dubbed the Astropulse, will use AstraAero technology to generate high-energy electric fields that can power up to two ships at the same time.

It is powered by a two-stage design, which uses the sun energy to power two motors.

The ships will be launching at a frequency of 10 kHz (5 Hz), which is more than twice the frequency of the radio frequency used in radio communications.

The engine powering the Astramatica Sail will be a 12-volt battery pack, which can generate an electric current of about 20 amps.

The propulsion system is expected a 10-percent reduction in cost compared to existing designs.

In 2020, AstronasFenizia announced the launch of the new AstraJet propulsion system for the ship.

Astrajet, which was developed by AstreAero, is a new propulsion system that will enable the ship to travel at up to 7,000 mph (11

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