• August 24, 2021

New sun nail brand: A great choice for summer sun, says blogger

The sun nail, which is a cool, cool, nail polish that glows when wet, has a lot of buzz around it.

The new sun nail is a popular option for summer and winter, but there’s a good reason why.

Here are the best sun nail brands you can buy.


SunNail Nails SunNails are an all-natural, cruelty-free nail polish made from 100% organic ingredients.

They are the first nail polish brand to be vegan, too, and it’s one of the few nail polish brands that makes their nail polish vegan too.

They offer a range of nail colors, including black, red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, blue, green, and red-brown.

Their nail polish also comes in a range that includes a black, white, and purple polish. 

SunNail is also the first to offer a cruelty-proof nail polish, too.

Sun Nails nail polish comes in two colors: black and white and red. 

It has a unique formula that creates a vibrant effect with a blend of oils.

It is formulated to last a long time, which means it can be applied to bare nails and not get any shine. 

However, it does contain a bit of shine, so if you want a natural-looking nail polish for summer or winter, it’s definitely worth considering. 


SunMax Nails SunMax nail polish is made from sunflower seeds, which are superfoods. 

The formula is made of three oils, and the oil that you use determines how the nail polish glows.

The oil you choose is based on your skin and how you like to use your nails. 

You can choose between natural, mineral oil, and synthetic oil. 

Natural oil is made up of oils found in the skin. 

Naturals are lighter, which makes them more easy to apply and apply on your nails, whereas minerals contain more pigment, which can give the nail an extra sparkle. 


SunBond Nails   SunBonds nail polish has a formula made from hemp seed oil, which helps with the shine and gives the nail a shine you can’t get with a normal nail polish.

Sun Bonds nail polishes come in a rainbow of colors and colors can be changed depending on how you want to wear your nails! 

It’s a very popular nail polish with a great selection of colors, so you should definitely get some to try. 


SunSkin NailsSunSkin nail polish contains a unique blend of beeswax, wax, and beeswarrh, which gives the polish a glossy look. 

 It can be used to create a more matte, even shine.

Sun Skin nail polish can be worn as a primer or as a finishing touch. 


SunLife Nails SunLife nail polish uses a blend made from coconut oil, a vegan-friendly oil, to give it a soft, natural finish. 

This nail polish will also work as a topcoat or gloss. 


SunLion Nails”Coconut Oil” is a vegan, cruelty free nail polish which is made with coconut oil.

It has a beautiful shimmery finish and a slight sheen that makes it shine.

Sun Lion nail polish makes a good choice for those who want a very natural look.

It’s made up from coconut and can be a great alternative for those that don’t want to use a lot to their nails.

Sun Lion nail polish is cruelty-friendly too, so it can give you a healthy, healthy look.


SunStick Nails This nail polish combines the natural-tinted nail polish of a natural and an artificial base, which also makes it a perfect choice for a manicure or pedicure. 

I love the natural tone of this nail polish and it gives you a bright, natural look with a bright shine.

This is an easy-to-apply nail polish as well, so make sure you apply it to bare nail tips to keep your nails looking natural. 


SunSpark Nails The new SunSpock nail polish from SunSticks is a nail polish designed to give the appearance of a sparkle when wet. 

Its formula is also made of coconut oil and it will help to give your nail polish a shine when you’re using it as a base. 


SunYogurt Nails If you’re looking for a nail polishing base, SunYogs nail polish may be a good option. 

When you mix two nail polays together, the nail will take on the appearance and feel of both polishes. 

Each color in the palette is unique and there’s also a range with shades you can choose from, which will help you create the look of a perfect nail. 


SunWax NailsThe SunWays nail polish formula is designed to keep the shine in the nail

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