• September 3, 2021

Which countries are hotter than China?

Here’s a look at which countries are getting the most heat this summer, and where that heat is heading.1.

Japan The country with the second-highest average temperature is Japan, with a total average temperature of 37.4C (96.2F).

The hottest spot is in Tokyo, which sits at 36.5C (98.9F).2.

Germany This hot country has a temperature of 35.3C (99.9Fs) and is the third-hotest place in the world.

The average temperature for Germany is 30.9C (95.6F).3.

The United States The US is home to a total of 24 countries.

Most of them are hot and humid, with the exception of a few that are in the south-east.

In the south, the average temperature in the UK is 31.5 (98F) and in the north it’s 32.4 (99F).4.

Canada The US has a total temperature of 36.2C (101.9fs) and its highest is in the Northwest Territories at 36C (102.5F).5.

Sweden The country has the second most humid and hot countries in the globe, and is home for 8 of the top 10 hotest spots in the World.

It’s followed by the United Kingdom and Japan.6.

United States This hot state is a hot place for the sun, with an average of 27.4 degrees Fahrenheit (9.9 Celsius) in the US.

It also has the fourth-highest temperature in Canada.7.

Finland The country that has the coldest average temperature on the planet has an average temperature that’s only 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-2 Celsius).

It’s the fifth-coldest country in the country, behind Chile, Uruguay, and Russia.8.

Italy The country is the most humid, as it has a minimum of 10.5 degrees Fahrenheit and maximum of 21.4F (7C).

It also gets the second hottest spot in the European Union.9.

New Zealand The country sits at the centre of the Pacific Ocean, which is also home to the hottest spot on earth.

Its average temperature hovers at 26C (89.5Fs) which is 10.7 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the average of the rest of the world, and it also has one of the highest average temperatures in the Pacific.10.

Austria The Austrian state of Baden-Württemberg has the highest temperatures on Earth, at 27C (91F).

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