• September 17, 2021


SUNDAY is the new NIGHT.

But the new YEAR?

Sun, Sunset and Night all mean the same thing.

In fact, they mean the exact same thing: it’s winter.

It’s the start of the winter season.

So what is winter?

“Winter is a time when the weather is getting colder and the temperature is getting warmer,” explains Yasuharu Okabe, a Japanese art historian.

“It’s a time of transition, a time for changes in mood and atmosphere.”

When the seasons are in their most ideal conditions, Okabe says, people are looking for seasonal elements such as snow, clouds and sun to create “sunny” images.

But when conditions are changing, they want something more traditional: a look that is both natural and “masculine” – a sunny, white and windy day.

“The idea is that we want to bring the traditional beauty of winter to a modern, urban and modern world,” Okabe explains.

The art of winter The idea of a winter day in Japan came to prominence in the 1930s, as the country experienced an unprecedented temperature increase, particularly after the war.

In Tokyo, a large portion of the city was built around the new city center, where the new Japanese constitution gave priority to the preservation of the natural environment.

“The old Tokyo city was full of natural scenery,” Okada says.

“So what people wanted to do was to create an artistic image that reflected the beauty of nature.”

In the 1950s, Okada remembers seeing the famous “Summer of Autumn” at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Shrine, when autumn leaves would drop from the sky, revealing the beautiful and beautiful sky above.

“That was a great image, and I thought, why don’t we put a winter image in there?” he says.

Okabe’s idea quickly spread to other Japanese cities, including Yokohama, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Osaka, and eventually to Japan itself.

So, what is a winter weather?

Okabe points to two common elements that are used to describe winter in Japan.

A winter sunrise A snowy sunrise, he says, is a moment when the sun is in the sky and the sky is bright.

When it’s this moment, Okadas’ inspiration for the image is “an idea that a snowflake could reflect sunlight,” Okas says.

He explains that this idea can be used to create a snowfall.

“You would take a piece of white paper and cut a snowman out of it,” Okadas explains.

“When you put it in a bag and put it on your desk, the bag would be full of snow.”

A snowflake can reflect sunlight, too.

According to Okabe and Okabe’s colleague, Yasuhiro Kato, snowflakes are often used to portray snow on the ground.

The snowflake in the image above is the same snowflake that Okada and Okada’s colleague found in the Tokyo Shrine.

Snowfall can be a powerful element in creating a winter landscape.

For Okabe (and others), this means creating a natural spring or autumn landscape.

A snowfall is also used to tell stories in a traditional way, according to Okada.

“A snow fall tells the story of a young girl and her snow-covered car,” Okaws says.

In the story, the snow falls from the ceiling of a house, and the girl, who has not yet learned to drive, sees the snow and immediately begins to fall in.

“She doesn’t know how to drive,” Okras says.

But she does learn to ski and play hockey.

“In the same way, a snow fall can tell a story of snow that’s fallen in a forest or snow that has fallen in an icy lake,” Okawas says, explaining how the story could become an animated series.

Winter landscapes can also be a metaphor for the winter.

“I want to imagine how the world would be in the winter,” Okami says. 

A beautiful winter landscape is a beautiful winter day A perfect winter scene can make a story beautiful and inspiring.

But a perfect winter landscape also means a beautiful, warm and welcoming day.

In a way, Okabes view of a snowy day can also lead to a winter environment.

During a typical spring day, Okaji says, it’s easy to be distracted by the sounds of nature or the sights of nature.

“But at the same time, it can be very stimulating and fun,” he says of the perfect spring day.

“People come to this place and have fun.

And when you walk into the morning, you’re greeted by this beautiful, welcoming, snow-dusted spring environment.”

But the best spring day is the spring that doesn’t end in a snowy morning.

“There’s a sense of calm and happiness in the spring,” Ok

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