• September 19, 2021

How to kill the sun in your backyard

The sun is everywhere, but not the way you’d think.

As we know from sunspots, there are some places on the earth where it can reach more than 50 degrees Fahrenheit and be lethal.

In those areas, a few simple steps can be taken to minimize the effects of the sun’s heat and radiation.

To protect yourself, here are 10 simple steps you can take to prevent the sun from reaching your yard.


Use a glass window.

Glass windows, also known as windows without glass, offer a natural cooling and shading option.

Using a glass or metal window in your yard, along with other natural shading options like natural grass or a tree, will help keep the sun out.


Don’t use your lawn as a hot water source.

If you live in an area that receives water from a water treatment plant or reservoir, use that as a cool water source for your lawn and garden.

You can also keep your water cool by watering the lawn in the winter or the summer, and then using the heat to cool down your garden, or by installing a natural heat shield in your garden.


If the sun is high in the sky, turn it down.

The sun will be visible throughout the day and night, so if you are lucky enough to be in an elevation where the sun can be visible, you can use a low-hanging beam of sunlight to light your house or garden.

For example, if you live near an urban area, you could use a lantern to illuminate your home and garden in the evening.

This can be a great way to protect your home from the sun, especially if the house is dark and/or a bit windy.


Use natural lighting.

Natural lighting can be helpful in areas where the shade of the sky is not sufficient to protect against the sun.

If there is no shade in your neighborhood, try adding natural light to your yard or a spot in your property where you can shine a light on your lawn to add more natural shading.

This technique will help you provide shade, reduce the glare, and help cool your house.


Use an umbrella to shade your home.

In some areas of the world, people still use umbrellas to shade their homes, but they have fallen out of favor due to their heavy weight and high cost.

To make an umbrella that will not get tangled up in your clothes, put it in the ground and let it rest on top of a tree.

The umbrella will help your home be more visible to the sun and protect your property.


Use the shade.

You don’t need to get rid of your windows, but you should be sure to turn off any heat lamps that may be around your home to provide shade.


Keep your yard and garden cool by using natural shade.

A natural shade can help to cool your property and make it easier to keep your yard cooler, too.


Use coolers.

To cool your home, heaters are a great option to add some extra natural shading to your backyard.

To heat up a normal home, you would put a heat lamp on your stove, but when the sun shines through the window, you need to put an ice cube tray in your freezer.

To keep your home cooler, add a cooler to your garage.


Don,t put in a heat pump.

Heat pumps are great ways to keep cool inside your home or garage.

They add warmth and can even be used as an outdoor heating source.


Turn off the air conditioning.

Many homeowners are now switching to an air conditioner.

This is an inexpensive, low-maintenance way to add a natural shading solution to your home that can cool your yard without the use of expensive heat pumps. Comments

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