• September 20, 2021

How to find out if your local beach has a bikini contest

You’re not going to get away with a bikini when you’re out and about in your town, but if you’re looking to make a bit of extra cash, you might want to look into the bikini contest at some of the beachy spots in your city.

There are hundreds of events happening around the world every year and while it’s not the norm, there are plenty of places that host these events.

Here’s a list of all the bikini contests you can go to and if you want to make sure your beach is in the mix, it’s best to check the beach’s website before you go. 1.

The Beach Bar, Brisbane, Queensland (image: Facebook)If you’re in Brisbane, you’ll be able to attend the The Beach bar’s bikini contest every Thursday at 7.30pm.

This is the first of many such contests in the city, and you can take part in other events around the city.

The venue is a small bar and a couple of tables are set up to help you get in the mood.

You can also choose to go in for a swimsuit and be crowned the new beach babe of the day.


The Big Splash, Sydney, NSW (image (cc) Facebook)The Big Splash is a great place to go for some sun-kissing fun.

This bar offers free swimsuit shows, a swimwear show, and a swim and fitness class.

The pool is just a short walk away and the bar is a bit crowded so you may want to check on the venue before going.

The event is open to all, and there’s a big pool and a great view over the harbour.


Big Splash Australia, Sydney (image credit: Big Splash NSW)If your beach has lots of swimming holes or you’re a little shy, there’s no reason not to go to Big Splash.

The bar and the venue is located in Darling Harbour and is full of people from all over the state.

The room is big and you don’t have to be a member of the public to get in, but it’s a nice place to grab a quick swim or a couple a drinks.

You’ll be surrounded by people from every walk of life, so you’ll probably find people to chat with and talk about whatever floats your boat.


The Ocean Bar, Hobart, Tasmania (image(cc) Big Splash)The Ocean Bar in Hobart has a pool and pool party, where you can swim in a variety of different water activities, like a surfboard and a kiteboard.

You might even want to try out some of their kites.


Surfers Paradise, Brisbane (image source: Surfers Destination Australia)Surfers Paradise has a few different events that you can attend.

The main event is on a boat, but you can also swim with other members of the surfing community in the nearby surfboard club.


Surfboard and surfers paradise, Brisbane Brisbane (Image source: Big Surf)If there’s one thing you don

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