• September 28, 2021

How to create a Facebook Live video for the Suna Rintaroud program

How to make a video for SunaRintarOU.

The program is the Sunagalaya school, where teachers can go to social events to introduce students to their classes and to introduce new teachers.

The goal is to get the teachers excited and make them feel welcome, but this is hard for the teachers themselves.

They must be on their best behaviour to get noticed.

The students can then go to a classroom and sit for a video interview.

In this video, teachers and students interact to learn more about each other and get to know each other better.

The video can be uploaded to Facebook or Youtube, which will be shared with teachers, students, parents, and the community.

The Sunagala School is a model of success for many.

The students have the best school and they are not afraid to try new things, said Sunagalam Ramakrishna, headmaster of the Sunagaraya school.

“SunaRinoud is an innovative programme, which is helping teachers and the students to get excited and learn more.

We hope it can be a model for other schools too.”

The Sunagarayas children can use the Sunamayas programme, in which they can interact with their teachers online.

The teacher in the video, Suna Nargava, who is a native of the state of Karnataka, said the program was a good experience.

“We get the students’ feedback very easily, which helps us to understand how to improve our classes.

We also get feedback from the students themselves, who are able to speak up to us and help us improve,” he said.

The teachers have the freedom to experiment with their classes, and can do what works for them.

They can also make a list of their favourites and post their ideas on Facebook or the Sunigalaya website.

The video is one of the best in the Sunaganayas department, said Ritupathi.

Sunamaya teachers use the video to share their thoughts and their experiences in class, and it is a way to create empathy for the students.

Suna said the teachers’ feedback was a big help in helping them to improve their classroom.

The student, Nargavatra, said it was great to get feedback online.

“I would like to see teachers be able to share with the students and give feedback so that they can learn,” he added.

The programme was launched in 2014, and is funded by the State Teacher Development Corporation (STDC).

The school has around 50 teachers, and most are from rural Karnataka.

They have a lot of experience in teaching English and Tamil, which are languages that the students are learning.

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