• September 30, 2021

How to keep your eyes safe in the sun

Sun wukong is one of the most recognizable mascots on the planet.

But what does he do inside his suit? 

A snowflake could be a problem for the world’s best mascots Sun Wukong is also known as the Snowman and he was born to protect the world from the sun.

The mascot of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMB) is the world champion of snowboarding, skiing, surfing, and skateboarding.

He was adopted by the TMB in 2007 and was the first mascot to be named after a famous person, according to the TMB website.

He is currently the best snowboarder in the world.

His name is derived from the Japanese word for snow, snowman. 

The mascot of South Korea’s TMB is the South Korean version of the Japanese Snowman, the Snowwoman.

He has also been nicknamed the Snowball.

The name Snowman is based on the fact that South Korea was the only country that had no official mascot until now. 

Sun Wukong was born in 2011 and was adopted as the mascot of TMB. 

He is a snowflake and snowman that protects the earth from the world around him. 

But the most dangerous of all the snowmen is Snowman 1.

He loves to go up and down the ski slopes and is a bit of a snowman himself.

He also likes to chase people around the slopes and take pictures of them. 

Snow Man 1 is an animal lover and is very protective of his family and friends.

His parents died in 2010 and he is currently in foster care, according the TMB website . 

In Japan, Sun Wudi is known as Snowman 2.

He lives in Tokyo and works as a snowboard instructor. 

His first job was working in the TBM snowboard factory and then he became the first snowboard snowman to work in the factory. 

Tubo is the mascot for the Japan Meteorological Agency.

He’s also known for his ability to see into the future and has even been known to predict storms. 

 His name means “little snow” in Japanese.

He resembles a white bunny. 

Bubba is the mascots for Japan’s national sports agency, the Japan Hockey Federation.

He travels around Japan and helps the players and staff. 

Catch Bubba as he makes his rounds at the ice rink. 

When the TSB decided to name their mascot, they decided to keep the name Snow Man 1.

Bubba is not a snow person and he likes to go down the slopes. 

Like his name, Bubba’s name is based off the Japanese words for snow and snow man. 

However, Bubbs name is not the Snow Man name. 

On February 1, 2020, the first ever snowman in Japan’s history died.

He had been working in a snow machine at the Tobe Industrial Park in Sapporo, Japan, until the accident. 

A team of Tobe workers had taken him on a trip and he passed away.

The team had been trying to raise money for a fund to help him.

Bubbs death was an unfortunate loss to Japan’s snowboarding community. 

To honor Bubba, the TBS will be naming their mascot as the Ice Man.

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