• October 1, 2021

How to tell if your favorite team has a good chance of winning the NBA title

Posted September 08, 2018 10:56:55The NBA’s best team will probably have a shot at winning it all again next season.

If not, the league is going to have to go through some changes to get it done.

With the NBA’s season ending on Friday, we have a good idea what that will look like.

Here are some possible scenarios, based on the standings and current standings.1.

The Cavs are a playoff team, which is going be hard for them to beat, as they have the second-best record in the league and will be playing a playoff series against the Warriors.

The Warriors have a better record than Cleveland.

If the Cavs win, they’ll have a chance to make a run at the conference finals.2.

The Sixers are the favorite to win the league’s best record, but it’s too early to be too excited.

They are tied for first with the Lakers with the best record.

The Cavaliers have the best odds to win it all.3.

The Spurs are a wild card, as the team’s playoff hopes have been hanging on for a couple of years.

It’s too soon to know if they can win it, but the Spurs have a very good chance.4.

The Jazz have been very good for a while, but their record in this postseason is awful, so they will have to start over from scratch.5.

The Celtics are a team that has been in the playoff picture for a few years now.

They could make a comeback in the conference semifinals.6.

The Kings are a little better than that, but still not great.7.

The Nets are a solid contender that could make the playoffs in a couple years.8.

The Lakers are a contender that will need to start all over from the beginning of the season.

They have the worst record in NBA history.9.

The Suns could make it through the first round with the right record.

They also have a playoff record of 22-23.10.

The Thunder could have an even bigger chance of making the playoffs, if they make the right moves.

They won’t have to beat a playoff opponent, but they have a bad record.11.

The Pelicans have the third-worst record in basketball, but have a nice chance to get back into the playoff mix in the East.12.

The Heat could be the first team to get into the playoffs this season, and they are the only team that should be considered a favorite.

The team has the worst mark in the NBA at 22-35.13.

The Raptors are the best team in the West, but a very long shot to make the Finals.14.

The Grizzlies could get back to winning basketball again, even if they haven’t been as good in the past few years.15.

The Hornets could be a contender again if they don’t blow it, as Charlotte’s record is pretty bad.16.

The Nuggets are a very strong team, and a good bet to make it back to the postseason in the Western Conference.17.

The Clippers could make another run in the playoffs if they improve on their second-half performance.18.

The Knicks could be contenders again, but not for the title, as their record is not good enough.19.

The Timberwolves could be an interesting team to watch, if their team could improve a lot.20.

The Pacers could make some noise if they could improve their record, if a few more injuries could help them.21.

The Mavericks could be playoff contenders again.22.

The Pistons could be interesting if they are able to win games on the road.23.

The Rockets could make history as the only playoff team to win three straight championships.24.

The Trail Blazers could be back in the postseason, if there is a miracle.25.

The Bulls could be one of the best teams in the game if Derrick Rose can continue to play at his level.26.

The Bucks could make something happen if Derrick Favors can keep playing at a high level.27.

The Hawks could be even better if Mike Budenholzer can get a playoff squad together.28.

The Magic could be good again if Nikola Vucevic can stay healthy.29.

The Wizards could make an exciting comeback if they get a strong start to the season and play well.30.

The Blazers could end up being one of those teams that just got lucky.

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