• October 28, 2021

A new breed of sun hat is making waves in the Indian market – A sun hat that is supposed to be warm, dry and cool

By now you probably have a few sun hats you have worn on a sunny day, or even at a time when you just need to protect yourself from the sun.

But the problem is that none of these sun hats have been made in the last five years. 

Now, though, a new breed is making its way around the world, a company in India that claims to have created the first sun hat in the world. 

“We started out with the idea of creating a sun hat to be a safe alternative to the traditional sun hats, but our journey has been so long that we are happy to now have the opportunity to introduce our own design to the market,” said Ravi Mehta, co-founder and CEO of SunHAT. 

The SunHATS is made of three layers: a top layer made from synthetic material, the second layer made of a cotton material, and the third layer made out of nylon. 

They are lightweight and don’t require any additional accessories. 

A solar eclipse will be visible to the naked eye in the eastern hemisphere from March 20th to the 27th, but it won’t be visible in the west until April 6th. 

Mehta said that the company has been working with manufacturers in India to get their first production of the SunHats ready, but that they are hoping to have it available in stores by June. 

SunHATS cost around $150 for three layers, which makes them suitable for both the home and the office. 

In India, the average daily cost for a SunHOT is around $2.60, which is less than a typical umbrella. 

According to the company, the Sun hats will help prevent the sun from damaging the wearer’s skin, reduce the amount of UV radiation on the skin and prevent the skin from becoming irritated. 

Currently, the company only has about 10 people working on the project, and Mehtas hopes to have the product in stores in the next few weeks. 

Image source: SunHat, Sunhat