• November 2, 2021

How the gay pride flag became a gay icon

The rainbow sun french flag became the symbol of gay pride when it was adopted in 2011 as a mark of pride for gays and lesbians across France.

Its association with the LGBT community has made it a symbol of acceptance and acceptance.

Now, the flag has become a symbol for other groups as well.

The rainbow flags have also become symbols of hate and racism.

On May 15, a French court ruled that the flag violates French law, which outlaws discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

The ruling was based on France’s hate speech law, and its impact on gay and lesbian rights is felt throughout the world.

Since its adoption in 2011, the rainbow sun flag has been adopted by the French state and has become an emblem of homophobia, xenophobia, and racism in France.

A report by the Human Rights Commission of France says the flag’s association with racism and xenophobia is particularly harmful.

The report says that the French government has been making an effort to change its attitude towards LGBT people.

The flag, which features the words ‘Pride’ and ‘Equality,’ is being used by groups including the far-right National Front party and far-left party of Marine Le Pen.

In the years since the adoption of the flag, it has been seen as an expression of racism and homophobia, the report said.

The far- right National Front, which has ties to the FN, has used the flag to rally support for its anti-immigrant policies.

The National Front’s party president, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who has a close relationship with Marine Le Pens father, has also used the rainbow flag in his speeches, often to denounce LGBT people and call for their removal from French society.

France’s president has also issued a decree banning the flag from the public square, although that ban is set to expire in 2021.

The new rainbow flag has also been used to promote anti-gay laws, such as the so-called “homophobia law” in France, which was passed in June 2017.

A number of gay rights organizations and activists, including those who helped create the flag in 2011 and who support the rights of gays and lesbian people, are now demanding the government’s resignation over the flag.

The French government responded to the criticism by saying that the rainbow flags should not be used to support discrimination.

It said that the government was not opposed to LGBT rights, and that the LGBT flag symbolizes the pride of gay people.

However, the government said it had decided to remove the rainbow from public spaces, including public squares, where it was used for the past few years.

French lawmakers voted to remove rainbow flags from public squares and public buildings on June 22, 2017, and the government subsequently revoked the new flags.

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