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Commercial applications mostly use conventional heating systems based on electricity/coal/furnace oil/wood still rule the roost. Recently with the tremendous increases in cost of electricity and conventional fuels, industrialists turning to solar energy as a means to meet their hot water needs.

Hotels: Bathing, kitchen, washing, laundry applications

Dairies: Ghee (clarified butter) production, cleaning and sterilizing, pasteurization

Textiles: Processing, bleaching, boiling, printing, dyeing, curing, ageing and finishing applications.

Edible Oil and Refining: Boiler feed applications

Breweries: Bottle washing, wort preparation, boiler feed applications

Distilleries: Bottle washing, boiler feed applications

Bulk Drugs Manufacturing Units: Fermentation of mixes, boiler feed applications

Electroplating / Galvanizing Units: Heating of plating baths, cleaning, degreasing applications

Paint Shops: Cleaning, degreasing applications

Pulp and Paper Industries: Boiler feed applications, soaking of pulp

Soft Drink Botlling Plants: Cleaning of bottles & vessels, boiler feed application