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Get water as Hot as your Like it

Take the first move and invest in the best option! Sun Speed Solar Water Heaters come in wide range suitable for domestic use as well as for hostels, guest houses, hospitals, hotels, process houses and industrial units.


Maximum efficiency for maximum savings
PUF Insulated Tank
SS 304 tank for hot water storage tank
Special coated MS stand
Ultrasonic Welding of Collectors for Superior Conductivity
Built in electric heater with temperature controller
Sacrificial anode rod
Powder coated aluminium collector frame
High transmissive toughened / tempered glass
EPDM rubber parts
Higher system efficiency
Better performance in winter and cloudy days
High pressure steam hose pipe
Easy to install and operate
Safe and environment friendly
Pressurized system also available
Systems Available – 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 LPD