• September 30, 2021

How to watch the Super Bowl on TV, including the game in Mandarin

The Super Bowl is happening in China on Sunday, but it’s not your usual American football game.Instead, it’s a Chinese-language game.The Chinese version of Super Bowl will feature an English-language broadcast in Mandarin, and the game will be televised in Mandarin on Sina Weibo, the social media giant that is owned by Tencent.Here’s what you…

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Why Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have been canceled at the last minute

The Pokemon Ultra series had been a hit since the early 1990s, when Nintendo released the first two games in the franchise.In the early 2000s, the series was also adapted into a television series.But in 2013, Nintendo announced the end of the series.The series was revived in 2017 with Ultra Sun.In 2018, the game was…

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How to watch the Super Bowl for the wrong reasons

If you’re a fan of the NFL, then you probably watched the Super, the World Series, the Olympics, the Winter Olympics, and most of the MLB All-Star Games all during one of these eras.These are the great moments in sports history that people still talk about, and they were all great, but there’s one thing…

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How to get the fastest times on your favourite pokemon?

I was watching the live stream of my favorite pokemon game and noticed something strange.The speed of the game was getting slower.I was playing on the best settings I could find and was actually starting to get a little frustrated.I could not make it to the next level of speed but I was still able…

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How to fix a problem that nobody seems to be able to fix: sun poisoning

I was in a car with my mom, my boyfriend, and our little girl, who was in the backseat.The car’s air conditioning system was on, and it was about 10 degrees.I sat back and watched as the car slowly warmed up.By the time it got to 50 degrees, the heat was killing me.I was barely…

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Sun Kil Moon to headline Phoenix Suns 2017 Phoenix Suns home opener

The Phoenix Suns announced Friday night that it will host Sun Kil, Moon and a new generation of new Phoenix Suns players for its 2017-18 home opener against the Philadelphia 76ers.The Suns announced the announcement at the Sun Kilmoon Arena in downtown Phoenix.Sun Kil and Moon will host the first time since the 2017-19 season,…

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