• September 13, 2021

Why I was so mad about ‘Sun Baby’

Teletubbie Sun Baby is back.We all knew that.So what is it about the movie that made me so mad?We don’t really know.It seems so obvious to most, especially when you see how it’s set up.But let’s start at the beginning.Sun Baby was created by producer Gary Sanchez and star Kate Mulgrew, and starred Jennifer Aniston,…

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How to watch a Super Bowl with a friend

I’ve had this conversation with a couple of friends recently about the Super Bowl: I know they don’t watch it. We don’t like it, because we’re too busy trying to make it happen. And that’s fine. But I want to know why.I mean, I can watch it, of course. I’ll watch it for the Superbowl, I’ll watch the big…

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Sun Kil Moon to headline Phoenix Suns 2017 Phoenix Suns home opener

The Phoenix Suns announced Friday night that it will host Sun Kil, Moon and a new generation of new Phoenix Suns players for its 2017-18 home opener against the Philadelphia 76ers.The Suns announced the announcement at the Sun Kilmoon Arena in downtown Phoenix.Sun Kil and Moon will host the first time since the 2017-19 season,…

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