• October 8, 2021

Spanish weather reports: Snow, sleet, rain and more from Spain

SPANISH weather reports have made it difficult to find the best Spanish weather forecast for you.But now, with the weather in Barcelona expected to get a lot colder, and the snow in northern Spain forecast to get even worse, the best of the best has taken to Twitter to share the best photos of what…

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How to stay safe while driving in Spain: Tips for sun-bathing sunflowers

Spanish authorities have announced plans to crack down on drivers who leave sunflower bouquets in the back of their vehicles in the heat of summer.The sunflare, or black sunflower, is a common sight in Spain and the Canary Islands.The authorities said on Monday they would introduce new penalties if the sunflower is left unattended on…

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When Is Your Pokemon Sun Coming Out? Today’s Today

Sun in Spanish is coming to the US and UK, but its Japanese counterpart is set to arrive next week, and it’s available today.The new Sun Pokemon is named CorsicANA.Here’s the official Sun in Japanese trailer.CorsicANA is a Pokemon that can use Water-type moves.The game also features the Sun Pokemon’s signature move, Double Team.CORSICANA has…

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Which suns are best for sun painting?

The sun is a major source of pollution in our oceans and in our atmosphere, and a number of countries around the world are experimenting with ways to reduce the amount of the sun’s harmful rays.But, as scientists and art historians have long known, the sun is also a source of beauty and inspiration.Some of…

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