• October 7, 2021

Which is the best sunscreen for sunburns?

Sunscreens contain the same chemicals as regular sunscreen, but they’re made with a unique chemical compound to prevent the sunburn-causing ultraviolet rays from reaching the skin.So if you’re wearing sun protection, it’s worth checking whether you’re getting the best benefit from the sunscreen you’re using.Here are the best sunscreens for sun-burns.

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Sun damage could be fatal in western Australia

A powerful solar storm is threatening the state of Western Australia with severe sun poisoning.The Australian Bureau of Meteorology says an easterly jet stream is expected to continue to bring dry, warm air north from New South Wales over the next few days.It’s expected to move through the South Island and then move south along…

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How to prevent sun poisoning with a bucket of water

You can get sun poisoning from any source, but it usually comes from the sun’s rays.When you’re in a hot, crowded area like the beach, it can be especially hard to avoid sunburn.The SunBasket app lets you take a bucket and fill it with water and a sunscreen.Once the water is filled, you can apply…

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