• September 20, 2021

How to find out if your local beach has a bikini contest

You’re not going to get away with a bikini when you’re out and about in your town, but if you’re looking to make a bit of extra cash, you might want to look into the bikini contest at some of the beachy spots in your city.There are hundreds of events happening around the world every…

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SUNDAY is the new NIGHT.But the new YEAR?Sun, Sunset and Night all mean the same thing.In fact, they mean the exact same thing: it’s winter.It’s the start of the winter season.So what is winter?“Winter is a time when the weather is getting colder and the temperature is getting warmer,” explains Yasuharu Okabe, a Japanese art…

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When the sun comes up, what are you going to eat?

Sun Gazette | 5.22.18The sun comes and goes, but it’s a little late for sun-drenched suntan.So, what’s your favourite summertime treat?Sun Gazer, as we like to call ourselves, is an outlet for the Sun’s rays to shine.We’ve been told it’s an essential item for the holiday season, and we love the taste.In the UK, it’s…

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What happens if you go on vacation without a car and don’t use your cell phone?

Suna haichi is an avid reader of news, so I had a hard time imagining her not having a cell phone.After all, she lives in a neighborhood with a very high concentration of cell phones, and her mom is a tech writer.But Suna doesn’t actually own a cell device.She works as a writer for a…

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