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The utility segment comprises very large installations deployed as solar farms (1MW and higher) to complement electricity requirements of large power companies and utilities. These panels are ground-mounted over large areas of remote land. Material safety and flexible form factor are less important for solar farms due to remote ground-mount deployments. Since the deployment areas are not a constraint, the efficiency requirements are typically low to medium.

The utility segment is the third largest and fastest growing segment of the PV market. This segment is currently dominated by several thin-film technologies due to lower efficiency requirements and lower cost advantages combined with in-house expertise to develop, install and operate utility scale projects. To succeed in the utility market, new entrants need critical skills of planning, developing, and operating large solar plants, either in-house or via strategic partners.

Sun Speed Solar modules are a natural fit to meet requirements of the utility segment. The company is uniquely positioned to develop this market solely or with external strategic partners.